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Reshaping the world’s energy landscape

The world should be powered by low-carbon, low-cost energy solutions. That’s not what we see around us today. Utility Global is changing that. 

Utility’s hydrogen production systems are based upon our proprietary high-temperature electrolysis processes that convert water into high-purity hydrogen. Our cutting-edge techniques are centered around high-efficiency, environmental-sustainability, and low-cost.  High-temperature electrolysis leverages heat & electrochemistry to increase efficiency beyond that of traditional low-temperature electrolysis and conventional steam methane reforming.  Our small, modular units are designed to fit perfectly on any customer’s site.  With hydrogen-as-a-service customers can realize immediate savings for all of their hydrogen needs.   


H2Gen™ Hydrogen System (Reserve Now)

 Small Footprint
  Remote Applications
  Sustainable Feedstock

H2 Delivered On-Site 

  • Targeting on-site production of H2 with options for zero carbon and negative carbon production.

Oxide Ion Chip™ Technology (Coming Soon)

 Low Cost
 Zero Emissions
  Clean Energy 
  Custom Geometry

~ 100x Smaller Target Reduction

  • Targeting a 100x  size reduction per kw compared to competing technologies.

Industrial Applications

Leveraging our breakthrough hydrogen production systems, Utility Global is expanding into numerous industrial sectors. Whether it's chemical refining, power generation, or next-gen fueling stations, Utility Global's hydrogen-as-a-service can meet your needs.  Our ultra-high-purity hydrogen is also ideal for the electronics, food, and glass industries.  In the steel industry, our waste-to-hydrogen process converts waste off-gases into pure hydrogen, enabling economic decarbonization of the steel manufacturing process.  Contact us to learn more about getting low-cost, on-site hydrogen for your industrial applications. 

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Utility Global aims to transform the energy industry with our versatile, low-cost, electrochemical chips. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us.

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