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Unlocking Beyond Net Zero Hydrogen

It’s Time.

The only sustainable hydrogen company pioneering the eXERO™ technology platform to rapidly unlock an affordable beyond-net-zero future

Our mission is to deliver disruptive technology solutions that overcome legacy sustainability challenges through an unparalleled Innovation Engine and Rapid Commercialization Methodology

eXERO™ Technology Platform

Utility’s products are based on the eXERO™ technology platform. This proprietary platform is an industry first that utilizes zero electricity to convert sustainable waste streams directly into high-purity hydrogen.

H2Gen™ Product Line


Based on the eXERO™ technology platform, the H2Gen™ System delivers customers reliable, low carbon, and high purity hydrogen.  The simple, yet elegant design offers unparalleled feedstock flexibility and highly competitive economics.


Low Total Cost of Ownership

Compact Design

Feedstock Flexible

On Site Solution

Modular & Custom Offerings

Low Carbon Footprint

Industrial Applications

Leveraging our industry-first eXERO™ technology platform, Utility Global is expanding into numerous industrial sectors. Whether it's next-gen fueling, green chemicals, or sustainable steel, Utility Global's products can meet your needs. Our ultra-high-purity hydrogen is also ideal for the electronics, food, and glass industries. In the steel industry, our waste-to-hydrogen offering converts waste-gases into pure hydrogen, enabling decarbonization of the steel making process.



Contact us to learn more about our on-site hydrogen solution and commercial offerings for your particular needs.