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The Power of Choice In Your Hands

Reshaping the world’s energy landscape

Introducing The Oxide Ion™ Chip

The world should be powered by a zero-carbon, low-cost, high-efficiency energy at every level. That’s not what we see around us today. Utility Global is changing that. 

We’ve developed what aims to be the world’s most-affordable electrochemical power systems driven by our cutting-edge Oxide Ion™ chips.  Leveraging next generation manufacturing innovations, Utility Global is bringing about a paradigm shift in the world’s energy landscape. Our proprietary printing and sintering techniques can enable terawatts of low-cost production, positioning Utility Global to become a world-leader in affordable, zero-carbon energy solutions. We’re on a mission to reshape the world’s energy landscape, providing consumers with reliable, affordable, cutting-edge technology they can trust.

Grab the Ion-Series™ chip with your mouse to see different product angles.

 Low Cost
 Scalable Power 
  Custom Geometry

~ 100x Smaller

Target Reduction

  • Targeting a 100x  size reduction per kw compared to competing technologies.


Compact Design

Imagine your power in the palm of your hand

Low Cost

Realize savings every day

High Efficiency

Surpass legacy electricity generation


Enables environmentally-friendly solutions


Powered by State-of-the-art Oxide-Ion Technology


Achieve increased reliability over traditional power


Independence from centralized systems


Countless applications 

Technical Specs

Peak / Average Power
20 kW / 10 kW

Up to 500 kW peak power

Energy Efficiency Target
> 60% Utilization

CO2 Reduction Target
50%-100% Reduction for Electricity

5 years

Included Features
In-Situ Reforming (coming soon)
Reversible Operation

Optional Features
Built-In Heat Recovery
Anode Gas Recycle (coming soon)

L x W x D (4″ x 2″ x 0.8″) 

Flanged Connection
Welded Connection

Creating the world’s most affordable energy solutions

Is Our Mission

Industrial Applications

Coming Soon

Leveraging our breakthrough manufacturing innovations, Utility Global is expanding into numerous industrial sectors. Utility Global’s Oxide-Ion chips can be used to generate zero-carbon electricity for our future along with 100% carbon-neutral liquid transportation fuels. Our technology can also be used in electrolysis mode to generate hydrogen fuel from pure water, serving to help balance the grid and power the transportation of the future. With these groundbreaking technologies built around Utility Global’s Oxide-Ion technology, we aim to provide sustainable, high-value, scalable energy solutions to our industrial customers.

Clean Hydrogen

 Low-cost hydrogen fuel produced from water and excess electricity 

ZERO Carbon Fuels

Enabling carbon-neutral transportation fuels for the future

Reliable Power

Powered by state-of-the-art natural-gas-driven oxide-ion cells

ZERO Carbon Electricity

High-efficiency, affordable, sustainable power

Contact Us

Utility Global aims to transform the energy industry with our versatile, low-cost, electrochemical chips. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us.

3000 Sierra Vista Way
Provo, UT 84606

(385) 482-0246

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