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Utility Global was created to bring forth sustainable energy solutions, enabling the energy transition to a low carbon world. It’s our passion, our drive and why we exist. Our team of experts combines world leading expertise and though leadership with many decades of industry experience. Leveraging our proprietary technologies, Utility Global is unlocking beyond net zero hydrogen production as the affordable energy of the future.



At our core, we are delivering disruptive technology solutions that overcome legacy sustainability challenges through an unparalleled Innovation Engine and Rapid Commercialization Method.  Our proprietary eXERO™ technology platform is an industry first that utilizes zero electricity to convert sustainable waste streams directly into high-purity hydrogen.

Utility headquarters in Houston, Texas

Breakthrough Technology

Utility’s proprietary eXERO™ technology platform, extensive patent portfolio, and successful track record taking technology to engineering to market has produced an unparalleled competitive-edge for the company.

World-Class Team

Utility Global was incubated by a team from top institutions such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Imperial College, and Cambridge University. Today, our team continues to expand rapidly with top talent of global business leaders, guided by a highly experienced executive team.