Our mission is to create
the utility system of the future.

We aim to develop the world’s most efficient, distributed utility system. Leveraging the full value chain of our resources, our cutting-edge Universal Utility™ will deliver a step change in sustainable living while empowering the consumer with the choice of a low-cost, efficient, personal utility system. Our distributed systems supply the consumers with a reliable, affordable, cutting-edge technology they can trust.

Universal Utility™

August 15, 2019

Start of manufacturing

  Fuel cells
  Fresh Water
  Carbon Capture

> 98%

Target Reduction

  • Targeting > 98% reduction in CO2 emissions relative to a SEER 13 A/C based on the EPA’s AVERT Emission Factor.


The Utility is coming Q4 2020


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Technical Specs

Peak / Average Power
4.5 kW / 1 kW

Up to 18 kW peak power

Energy Efficiency Target
> 90% Utilization

CO2 Reduction Target
50%-100% Reduction for Electricity
~100% Reduction for A/C

10 years

Included Features
Air Conditioning

Optional Features
Hot Water Heating (coming soon)
Fresh Water (coming soon)
Fuel Production (coming soon)

L X W X D 72″ x 36″ X 3.5″

Wall mounted


Compact Design

Imagine your utilities in the palm of your hand

Low Cost

Realize savings every day

High Efficiency

Surpass legacy electricity generation


Utilize the entire life cycle


Independence from the grid


Powered by State-of-the-art Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Technology


Achieve increased reliability over traditional utilities


Remain connected whether stationary or mobile

Imagine Your Utilities In The Palm of Your Hand

Our proprietary technology is powered by a cutting-edge fuel cell engine that is revolutionizing power as we know it. It delivers ultra-high energy density in a compact, high-efficiency, low-cost device.

Breakthrough Technology

Our proprietary technology has given us an unparalleled competitive-edge providing us a pathway to deliver savings to our customers

World-Class Team

Our team consists of some of the world’s foremost experts in energy technology.  Our engineers have pioneered new innovations that have received world-wide recognition.

Meet our Team

Utility Global was built by a world-renowned team of accomplished engineers and scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Imperial College, and Cambridge University.   Our multidisciplinary team of experts specialize in chemistry, physics, engineering, thermodynamics, software, and more.

Matthew Dawson, Ph.D.


Dr. Dawson is a widely recognized and respected industry expert in the energy and technology fields.  He received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology at the age of twenty-four (graduating at the top of his class with a 5.0 GPA).  He currently holds more than forty (40) patents and patent applications in the energy field.  He has held leadership & technology roles in several Fortune 100 companies and founded multiple companies that have gone on to receive world-renowned accolades.  He’s a seasoned executive, experienced director, savvy venture capitalist, and technology leader.

Nicholas Farandos, Ph.D.


Dr. Farandos is one of the world’s experts in cutting-edge manufacturing methods for solid oxide fuel cells. He received his B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from University of Cambridge and went on to receive his Ph.D. from Imperial College. He has a proven track record as a technology specialist who has developed innovative breakthroughs that have pushed the industry to the next level.

Jin Dawson, Ph.D.


Having received her B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from Tsinghua University (the #1 ranked engineering university in the world), Dr. Jin Dawson went on to receive her M.Sc. and Ph.D. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She holds more than a decade of experience in the intellectual property realm drafting patents across a multitude of fields. Coupling her knowledge as a patent agent with her creativity as a proven innovator with over twenty patent applications, she leads the intellectual property development for Utility Global.