The world should be powered by low-carbon, low-cost energy solutions. That’s not what we see around us today. Utility Global is changing that. 

Utility’s on-site H2Gen™ systems are based upon a proprietary electrochemical process that converts water into high-purity hydrogen without the need of electricity. Leveraging heat rather than electricity, enables H2Gen™ systems to be high-efficiency and low-cost.  Designed to scale, our modular systems provide affordable hydrogen solutions to both small distributed consumers and large centralized industrials.  Our core value center around a sustainable energy future.  As such, the H2Gen™ systems come with the option of intrinsic CO2 capture.   

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H2Gen™ Hydrogen System.

 Hydrogen System

  Small Footprint
  Remote Applications
  Optional COCapture

 H2 On-Site

  • Targeting on-site production of H2 with options for zero carbon and negative carbon production.


Low Cost

Realize savings every day

High Efficiency

Surpass legacy SMR production

Compact Design

Onsite seamless integration

On-Demand Flexibility

Match production with demand

Remote Applications

Untethered production anywhere

CO2 Capture

Enables intrinsic CO2 capture solutions

Technical Specs

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H2Gen Hydrogen System

Scalable Production
  • 100 kg/day to 100,000 kg/day
  • 1,200 – 120,000 Nm3/day
Hydrogen Purity
  • 99.999%
Output Pressure
  • 1 – 30 Bar
Included Features
  • Delivered at Specified
  • Pressure
  • Flexible Production
CO₂ Reduction Target
  • 20% – 100% vs. Competitors
  • Fuel Flexible
  • Water
Service Warranty
  • 10 years
  • L x W x D (20’ x 8’ x 8.5’)
  • On-site
Optional Features
  • CO₂ Capture
  • Reversible Operation
  • Steam Generation